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  1. ariella Says:

    ariellanagy.com niggggggga

  2. reneedo Says:

    Hey, you look Elven.

  3. dougnagy Says:

    I am a half-elf druid.

  4. Versace Girl Says:

    u sexxxy bitch u :)

  5. dick Says:

    you look like a f`n psycho, I saw youre show in NewOrleans last week, and all the corpses were floating in the isles…

    eat shit!

  6. Bretzky Says:

    What a stud! Not since The Great White whale has there been such a huge sexual target amongst the sea, the stories, the legend The Great White Hope! Douglas Nagy.

  7. Randy Says:

    I love you, I would date with you

    I love you, I would date with you

    I love you, I would date with you

    I saw Simone today, your ebony princess, our teen angel. She misses you too.


  8. Matt Says:

    Doug you rock!!
    Love your podcast I am no one of your faithful subjects…lol

    Later dude.

  9. Missy Van Eyk Says:

    Hey Doug!

    Wow - you haven’t changed a bit! Would love to see you live…let me know when your shows are….


  10. SEO Says:

    I very like this blog. Everything is cleared.

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