My friend Davey J (AKA Nasal Montego) asked me the following question at our mutual friend Beldor’s wedding. “If you were to do it all over again, and actually do well in school this time; what would you go to school for?” I replied “A ZOOLOGIST”. Davey J said “Good Answer.”

I pass the question on to all of you.

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  1. liyo Says:

    holy crap!Patrick Swayze died!

  2. Sound Designer Dan Says:


  3. karmicmonk Says:

    Fuck, i have got degree in zoology, turns out zoos are all about “volunteering”. now i design mortar for a shit-stink company. life sucks

  4. karmicmonk Says:

    But if i could do it over again, definitely ASTRONAUT

  5. Blondel Says:

    Truck Driving School/Welder

  6. A.J. Says:


  7. Celine Gesualdo Says:

    lolol where is a beer when you need one

  8. Lana Roessler Says:

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  9. home Says:


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