Long Live Patrick Swayze

I was 12 years old when I saw the movie Road House.

Monster Trucks, Killer Tits, Roundhouse Kicks with a Knife Boot, an Elder Master and a Superior Disciple.

Road House was 114 minutes of awesome, and this was how I was introduced to the man known as Swayze.

The Swayze SNL outing was also one of the funniest television viewing experiences of my life. Watching it live was to be part of something. When guests like Swayze kill it like he did on SNL - TV is at its finest. I hope SNL runs that episode this week.

I remember watching the movie Black Dog and then driving too fast around Welland, getting chased by other people who just saw Black Dog. Barney was driving and kept yelling “MFC Mother Fucking Chevette” as he would peel around the streets of the Rose City. (we were stuffed into a borrowed Chevette.)

I remember going on a date to see Ghost, and then slow dancing to unchained melody at local teen dances.

Patrick Swayze has been a part of my life for some time now, and I am saddened to hear of his passing.

Every year I will remember this man by watching his films. Sept 14th is Swayzeday.

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  1. robertwolf Says:

    A true legend has been taken away from us!

    Ghost was the first Swayze film I saw and to this day, I still love it, it’s timeless. Dirty Dancing was also another flick I grew up with. That film thought us men that we could be romantic dancers, but still be badass to the bone. In recent years I saw Roadhouse, which is so bad, it’s good. No one can quite rip someones trout out like Mr Swayze. Another is Point Break, which is properly my favourite Swayze film behind Ghost.

    I’m going to miss Swayze, but he will not be forgotten, as his talent will remain with me through his awesome roles.

  2. JJ Says:

    Let us not forget The Outsiders - another landmark film. Swayze was a talent machine and who can forget the song “She’s like the Wind”? I still sing that song on lonely nights by the fire.

  3. Peter Says:

    I still believe he’ll beat cancer. This is part of the game plan. His next move is going to be a big one.

  4. choke Says:

    my first swayze movie was red dawn but ghost and point break will always be my favorite that he did. RIP and thanks mr. swayze.

  5. Phil Gee Says:

    He was awesome; not in a sarcastic mocking way like it’s funny to talk about how awesome he is. He genuinely was a very cool human being……and it always sucks when people like that are taken away.

    And I wouldn’t have even seen Road House if it weren’t for you Doug.

  6. Gary Says:

    Today, a king finally rests.

  7. liyo Says:

    Sir Nagy please do a podcast in memory of mister Swayze.

    Thank and now i go see Ghost again for the fourth time.

  8. robertwolf Says:

    Same here @PhilGee. Doug’s wonderful talks of Roadhouse got me watching.

  9. Sound Designer Dan Says:

    This t-shirt just screams your name, man: http://www.mondotees.com/pl/Herzog-Black/35

  10. RansomBetty Says:

    Farewell to the Beast! RIP Swayze!


  11. RansomBetty Says:

    I found this awesome tribute to Swayze in Roadhouse!


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