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The Internet Is A CB Radio

When I was in high school my friend Todd bought an ACM Spirit with a jeep engine in it. The car came equipped with a CB Radio. After talking to local Truckers, Weirdos and War Veterans, I decided it would be a good idea to have a CB in my home. I bought 2 radios from a dude named T.J. His dad was a trucker and had radios to spare, so he sold me 2 for 100$ I went with my Dad to buy a power supply for the radios and as he spoke to the sales reps, I had to duck out to puke in front of the store. I violently started to vomit, and couldn’t make it to anywhere discreet. I puked in the street as my Dad finished talking to the reps (who could here me puking). Sadly that store didn’t have a power supply – so we tried another and were successful. The pastor of my church helped me out and installed the antenna – he hooked his kids up at their house (they were also friends of Todd and I). I hooked up the devices and began talking to Todd from home while he was in his car (at various coffee shop parking lots).

Dialing into a channel and talking with strangers was a lot of fun.

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Potato Salad

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