A Short History

If you were to combine Jerry Seinfeld with Eddie Murphy and threw in a few ounces of Ben Stiller for good measure, you would have someone who is nothing at all like Doug Nagy.

Doug was born and raised in a remote village called Welland, also known as The Rose City. As is the culture in Welland, Doug was exiled from the tribe and sent on a long-term spirit journey at the age of 18. His travels took him to Europe where he lived for many years working in the cut-throat industry of male modeling. Now, after having achieved a moderate amount of fame as Louis Vuitton’s top boy for 3 years running, Doug has set his sights on the world of stand-up comedy.

Since his debut a short while ago, Doug has amassed the small gleam of something that may someday blossom into an almost cult-like following. Those who have been fortunate enough to see his routine, remember him in various ways. Some refer to him as “the sad man mommy brings home when she’s been sniffing sugar” while others steadfastly maintain that Doug is the immortal jew of biblical legend.

Whatever the case may be, his sharp wit and Nordic good looks make Doug Nagy a swiftly rising star in the comedy scene. Doug now calls Hamilton, Ontario his home. So if you’re looking for bizarre humor coupled with raw charisma, book Doug Nagy. If you don’t, the terrorists will have won.

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